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achieve even more with shiatsu...

chf 5 per treatment for a good cause

since i have been working as a shiatsu therapist, a part of my income goes to social institutions or to associations/institutions for the protection of the environment. 

it is important for me to contribute to society and the environment. so i put chf 5 on the side, from every treatment. i decide every year which projects are close to my heart to support.

so with a shiatsu treatment you are not only doing good for yourself, but also for others.

last year, or even now, the fate of the sans-papiers living in zurich thouched me. the ongoing lockdowns hit already disadvantaged people very hard. that's why i donated to two places in zurich that support these people.
worldwide, covid-19 affects people who earn their daily bread in tourism, which is reduced to a minimum or even stopped due to the restrictive behavior of the countries. and also due to the lockdowns, there is no income in many places anymore. great work is done by a swiss project "metal for nepal". this beautiful country in the himalayas, which i was allowed to travel myself, has been hit hard by strokes of fate again and again in the past years.

more information about the projects i supported in 2020 can be found here: 

SPAZ - Contact Point Sans-Papiers Zurich 

the association accompagno supports disadvantaged people free of charge in the field of complementary therapy

metal for nepal