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important information about corona virus & shiatsu treatments



zurich, october 29th 2020

the government has decided that gradually our life and the economy will return to normality. i am pleased to inform you that the practice will be open again from 27.04.

Due to the coronavirus, I would like to inform you about the changed practice:

  • I ask you to change your street clothes (upper and lower part) before the treatment, so please bring freshly washed clothes.

  • I ask you to please wear a mask.

  • I ask you to wash your hands thoroughly with soap when entering the practice. Soap destroys the surface of the virus and thus makes it harmless.

  • If you feel ill (flu, cold and respiratory symptoms such as cough, cold, sore throat and/or fever, conjunctivitis and/or problems with digestion etc.) stay at home and cancel the appointment.

I will take the following measures myself:

  • The hands are washed and disinfected before and after each treatment

  • The surfaces and door handles are regularly cleaned and disinfected and the rooms are aired after each treatment.

  • The practice clothing is changed daily.

  • For the treatment i am wearing a mask. Clients can of course also wear one, these are available in the practice.

  • Cover and underlay cloths are changed after each treatment.

  • Clients will be sent back home in case of signs of illness. In case of my own illness I will stay at home myself.

if there are any question, please feel free to contact.

i am looking forward to the treatment with you! especially in challenging times like now it is even more important to look after ourself well. we are all affected in our own way and individually.

with the focus that we can learn positive and new things from this time for ourselves, for others and for society, i wish you all the best - stay healthy!



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